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Hang Gliding Championships


In Sigillo it was officially opened the 18th edition of Hang Gliding World Championships, a medium that let you fly using the engine as the air mass ascension.

In Sigillo, near Perugia, was officially opened the 18th edition of
Hang Gliding World Championships, half as simple as appreciated
enthusiasts because it allows you to fly using as the driving masses
air upward. The parade of 150 pilots, their carers, the team organizer and
the banner of the town, has animated the streets of the Umbrian town, preceded
by a band of drummers. The parade is merged into the main square
packed to capacity, where the speeches of local and regional authorities,
CT of the Italian national team, the Varese Flavio Tebaldi, and
representative of the Federation Aeronautique International, Flip Koetsier
(Holland), was followed by a fabulous show with pyrotechnic contours.
In the days prior to the organizing center, located in the hamlet of Villa
Scirca, we have lived hours of feverish activity.
The 32 experts have proceeded to registration of pilots
members, with meticulous control of individual documents, certificates
flight and all the provisions of regulations in force in the aviation industry.
Important technical inspection of vehicles, operation for which the town
Signet has provided a gym where they fit and control
hang away from the weather.
Each pilot was presented with a Live Traking, satellite transmitter
be installed on board the glider and allow you to follow in time
actual carrying out of the race on the internet, like a sailing regatta
in the mountains. The traces of the competitors will be superimposed on a
Detailed three-dimensional mapping. The instrument also has a not
secondary safety function: at any time the organization will know
the exact position of vehicles flying in the vast area of ​​the Park
Monte Cucco and the entire region where it will compete for two weeks
Pilots of 37 nations.
To the blues remains the task of defending the world title won
in 2009 in France and in particular to Alex Ploner, 35, of San
Cassiano (Bolzano), to confirm the individual.